VMware Cloud Director 10.5.0: Unable to Create a NEW Edge Gateway Firewall Rule

Recently I was delivering a professional services engagement for one of our VMware Cloud Providers where we deployed VMware Cloud Director (VCD) version 10.5.0 integrated with NSX 4.1.1.

Upon validating the functionality of the environment, i noticed a weird behavior with the creation of edge gateway firewall rules in VCD 10.5.0. I have tried multiple times to create a new edge firewall rule, however it takes forever just saying “please wait” without showing any error or progress and the rule is not created. 

The default “drop any any” edge firewall rule can be modified and saved successfully, and other things work perfectly such as DFW, ORGVDC networks, … However, the issue happens only when creating a new edge gateway firewall rule. I tried this using “system administrator” account and using “organization administrator” account using multiple browsers as well such as Chrome and Edge with no luck.

I have noticed that the triggered task is getting stuck in the UI interface and is not being added as a recent task in VCD.

Long story short, and after a lot of testing and troubleshooting, the issue was confirmed to be a bug in VCD 10.5.0, and the solution was to upgrade VCD to version 10.5.1 to resolve the issue.

To read more about the upgrade procedure to VCD 10.5.1, you can follow the below documentation.


To read more about the new features and bug fixes in VCD 10.5.1 version, you can check the release notes.


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