Get Your “VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive” eBook

This is my first time I attended VMWorld Barcelona 2017. What an amazing event !!!

During my visit, I grabbed a hard copy of the “VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive” eBook signed by Niels Hagoort from Rubrik booth. I can’t tell you what valuable information that book contains. Going through it is a must for every one in this field …

The book covers four main topics: CPU, Memory, Storage, and Networking. The in-depth read can only be described as a serious deep dive for people who seriously want to understand what is going on under the covers of their VMware environment.

As Frank and Niels describe it:

The VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive is a guide to building consistent high-performing ESXi hosts. A book that people can’t put down. Written for administrators, architects, consultants, aspiring VCDX-es and people eager to learn more about the elements that control the behavior of CPU, memory, storage and network resources.

If you want  a copy of this book, just register at the below link and download it.

Hope you find my post helpful,

Mohamad Alhussein

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