vSAN Architecture 100 Video Series

vSAN Architecture 100 series playlist includes educational vSAN videos to help you learn more about product architecture, features, and benefits. This is a great set of beginner videos prepared by the amazing “Elver Sena Sosa“. It is a series of 12 videos for the below topics:

1. What is vSAN

2. vSAN Network Architecture

3. vSAN Disk Groups

4. vSAN Data Placement

5. vSAN Erasure Coding


7. vSAN Failure Management

8. vSAN Distributed Storage

9. vSAN Objects

10. vSAN Stretched Clusters

11. vSAN 2-Node Cluster

12. vSAN Striping

This series can be watched on YouTube via this link:


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Mohamad Alhussein 

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